Is It Possible To View Posts of A Private Instagram Account? Is It Possible To View Posts of A Private Instagram Account?

Privateview. top view private instagram accounts content

Yes it is! We’ll tell you how. You landed on an Instagram account but you cannot view any of his/her posts, you cannot view his followers, his followed people, why? Because there’s a big word on his/her account that says “THIS ACCOUNT IS PRIVATE” followed by “Follow to see their photos and videos.” the big problem is you do not want to follow the account and if you do there’s a big chance that your follow request won’t get accepted.

One thing you can do is you create a fake Instagram account and try to follow the account. But since the account is in private-mode the account owner didn’t want to get bothered by users that he/she doesn’t know and unknown users has a high chance of getting denied of this follow request.

There are several ways on how you can bypass this problem and start viewing the user’s private Instagram account without following him/her and that’s what we are going to discuss on this post.

Use InstaStalkerTool by to unlock private profiles.

If everything fails, then you don’t have a choice but to use your last resort just to view the private account. Using the InstaStalkerTool by will enable you to browse contents of a private Instagram account such as the photos and videos.

To know more about this method follow this tutorial.

This tutorial will help you unlock or reveal the contents of a private Instagram profile such as the photos and videos. You do not need to follow the user before you can view his/her posts. Simply follow the steps provided and you are good to go.