3 Ways To Effectively View Contents of A Private Instagram Account

3 Ways To Effectively View Contents of A Private Instagram Account

The Only Effective Methods On Unlocking Private Instagram Accounts

You see a private Instagram account and you really want to view the contents of his/her account but unfortunately, you can’t because of course it’s a private account. And only those allowed followers can see his/her activity. You tried following the account but your follow request is not accepted or got denied. Now you are desperate you tried every method just to view his/her private account content.

Then you landed here because you are really searching for ways to view private account contents. Here’s we will share to you 3 ways we know that you can do to view a private Instagram account posts such as photo’s and videos.

3 Effective Methods to View a Private Instagram Account

Method 1: Use InstaStalker tool by PrivateView.top

This tool will help you basically view posts made by the private Instagram account holder such as photos and videos. You can also see his/her followers and who he/she follows. This tool works by entering the details of a private account username. The username is the only name you will see when visiting the private account.

How to use InstaStalker by PrivateView.top

Using this tool you can help unlock the private account content and easily view his/her posts.

  • First, find the account username of the private account. You can easily do this by going to his/her account and copy it.
  • Then enter the copied details on the field and click on the continue button.
view private instagram accounts
view private instagram accounts
  • Next, is on the confirmation box click on the “start” button to start the process.
  • On the next window, you will see the other details the user has. Such as the email, password, location, and cache id. But these details are currently on “Unknown” status you have to click on the next process to unlock these details.
InstaStalker Panel
InstaStalker Panel
  • When you click on the “show latest posts” button you will see blurred images like the screenshot below.
View instagram private profiles with InstaStalker by PrivateView
View instagram private profiles with InstaStalker by PrivateView
  • Click on the “Unlock All Details” button to start the process of unlocking the profile. During the process don’t do anything on the window that might interrupt the process such as refreshing/reloading clicking the back/forward button.
  • You will be asked for a captcha on the last window.
  • After completing the captcha all features will be revealed and you can now see the contents when clicking the “Show latest posts” button. See screenshot.
Reveal the contents of a private instagram account using instastalker by privateview.top
Reveal the contents of a private Instagram account using instastalker by privateview.top
  • Of course, I blurred the images for privacy purposes. It’s ironic when I say privacy where in fact I am deliberately breaking someone’s private accounts when using this tool

And that’s how you can unlock private Instagram accounts by just using InstaStalker by PrivateView.top so far so good in response with our thousands of users there are only a few who reported of unable to view private Instagram accounts but on the second try they were able to succeed on unlocking them.

Method 2: Use SocialPrivateViewer.com

SocialPrivateViewer.com is yet another private Instagram account viewer tool that you can use for FREE for up to 6 months. After that you have to pay for the service on viewing private Instagram accounts.

SocialPrivateViewer.com – Private Instagram Account Viewer Tool

Socialprivateviewer.com offers major features just like InstaStalker tool by PrivateView.Top but it lacks everything about Password, Email, and Location of the account. But sure you can use it when you want to view the contents of a private Instagram account.

How to Use SocialPrivateViewer.com

  • Just like what we offer, you need the username of the private account. You have to enter these details on the text field where requires.
  • And then hit on the continue button, you will be asked if the displayed user details are what you need to continue.
  • After that, you need to choose what you want to do. You have three options.
  • Then when done choosing you are now ready to start the unlocking process.
  • Wait for few minutes to finish the process. Same thing you will be asked for a verification process. This process is crucial to filter out bots that are abusing the service.
  • Done! You are now ready to view the contents of the victims account.

Method 3: Use InstaLooker.com

This third option is quite popular and many have been using this for quite some time now. In fact, we shared some thoughts of the developers of InstaLooker.com. Their tool is really popular and is an all-time favorite of users. Because it’s very easy to use and the quickest. But we guarantee you that InstaStalkerTool by PrivateView is much more favorable in terms of unlocking private Instagram accounts.

InstaLooker.com unlock private Instagram Accounts
InstaLooker.com unlock private Instagram Accounts

How To Use Instalooker.com

  • The same thing like every all of the Instagram Private Account Revealer tool we require the username of the private account to start the process.
  • If you ask me SocialPrivateViewer.com and InstaLooker.com have all the same features. It’s like they are both of the same source codes but only with different skins.
  • Every feature is the same. Thus, without me needing the explain everything. The process is quite simple and self-explanatory.

Those are just the 3 effective method that I have known when unlocking private Instagram accounts without the need to following them. Make sure to share this method to your friends and hit the like button if you like this tutorial.

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